Last week’s brush fire around Mims Pond stands as proof that environmental conditions in Sierra County are very dry and primed to burst into flames with any encouragement. Because of these conditions, county authorities and municipal officials  have enacted set codes and special measures, curtailing all unauthorized open burning, as well as the use of aerial and ground audible fireworks. 

With the Mims Pond fire all too fresh in the minds of all area residents, Sierra County Emergency Services Administrator Paul Tooley is encouraging everyone to take extra precautions with any possible ignition source, and to remain especially alert to the present wildfire danger in celebrating the upcoming Fourth-of-July holiday.

While sales of fireworks are permitted, countywide regulations limit use to “safe and sane” pyrotechnics and specifically prohibit the use of aerial and/or ground audible fireworks. Law enforcement officials will be keenly alert for violations over the coming weeks and significant penalties are in place.

Those who may be planning to use “safe and sane” fireworks for a private display are encouraged to be very careful and very safe. Emergency Services Administrator Tooley offered the following suggestions for all who may be planning to use fireworks this year.

•Seek out a clear display area away from any dry brush, structures, or combustable materials.

•Keep a bucket of water nearby at all times.

•Practice safety and follow all manufacturers’ guidelines when igniting fireworks.

•After igniting fireworks, assure that they are out and then douse with water (maybe a few times) to be sure the item or items are fully extinguished.

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