With an unanimous vote October 14, Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) City Commission members approved the nomination of commissioner Amanda Forrister to serve as the city’s mayor pro-tem. With last month’s appointment of commissioner Frances Luna, this action completes the replacement of former mayor pro-tem Brendan Tolley, who resigned early this summer due to personal health issues.

•Commissioners unanimously approved the awarding of an airport improvement project, which has been on hold for almost a year awaiting conclusion of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding process. Although significantly delayed, board members were told the contractor would maintain original quotes and that the FAA would now be wholly funding the approximate $214,000 electrical upgrade project.

•Board members also joined in unanimous support of a waiver request allowing the T-or-C Brewery to expand sales to local restaurants and groceries, as well as for two advisory board appointments and a reaffirmation of the city’s support for construction of a future spaceport visitors center near I-25.

Wednesday’s commission session further included acknowledgement of T-or-C Police Department Officer Rafael Marin’s promotion to Sergeant, an extended public hearing relating to a proposed Alternate Summary procedure, and a presentation regarding the city’s use of electric division revenues to support the municipality’s general fund.

•Before adjourning, commissioners approved the rescheduling of regular board meetings for the months of November and December. Due to holiday considerations, commissioners will convene for only one meeting each month. November’s regular commission meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 18. The board’s December meeting will convene on Wednesday, December 16.

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