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In a public meeting hosted by officials with Las Cruces-based Wilson & Company Engineers and Architects, Inc. area residents were provided an overview of a current project to develop a comprehensive flood and drainage plan for Sierra County. Project engineers Eric Hamilton and Christie Soulsby outlined how the initiative is being funded through New Mexico State capital outlay revenue and aims to both better define flood related issues and potential management alternatives.

Those on hand for Tuesday’s session were told the present Phase-IA, was focused on compiling a preliminary drainage report, which is hoped to be completed before the end of calendar year 2020. This phase centers on data collection, the identification of drainage issues, and an ultimate hydraulic modeling of the county. The project’s final goal of developing a drainage master plan for Sierra County will include a comprehensive hydrologic and hydraulic study, the identification of drainage issues and evaluation of flood potentials, a proposed improvement analysis, recommended alternatives and solutions, as well as recommendations concerning the future safeguarding of capital outlay assets and risk reduction.

With detailed maps of Sierra County’s primary waterways and drainage zones on display, Hamilton said the team does have a firm grip on major community concerns, but recognized how an untold number of problem arroyos and drainage areas have yet to be accurately identified. In this regard, he encouraged area residents to consider aiding in the initiative, by communicating personal knowledge about problem areas and/or past runoff issues that may have arisen in specific locations during heavy precipitation.

Written comments may be sent to: Eric Hamilton, PE, CFM, or to, Christie Soulsby, EIT, CFM, Wilson & Company, Engineers & Architects, Inc. 414 N. Main Suite A, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001. Hamilton may also be contacted by phone at (505)348-4005, or by email at Eric.Hamilton@wilsonco.com. Soulsby may be contacted by phone at (505) 348-4014, or by email at Christie.Soulsby@wilsonco.com.

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