Elephant Butte City Councilors unanimously approved a bid award during the board’s May 17 regular meeting, which will now allow for planned roadway improvements along San Andreas and Ocotillo Drive to soon begin. 

Council members also received department reports and formally recognized May 26 as National Poppy Day, honoring those who have lost their lives in service to the country.  The remainder of the afternoon’s session focused on the review of a number of proposed operational revisions, which will impact all city residents and will likely be addressed as action items during an upcoming May 24 special meeting.

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doubtful this will pass as the COEB has way too many vacation homes and they will refuse to comply in large numbers. That's assuming they will be notified BEFORE this passes vote. I also see that this is a done deal since the trash containers are already in the cities recycling yard. How about just fining the pigs ( coitizens can certainly identify them) and letting us go on as we did long before the "city" full of out of town and deep pocket "managers" arrived. Still stinging over the millions you blew on the golf course, ex mayor kent.


The mandatory trash service imposed by the city government is a bad idea. Plenty of us are just fine taking our garbage to the transfer station on an as-needed basis or contracting with the local provider.

The only reason for imposing this has to be some kind of corruption. ESPECIALLY since this was not put to bid.

EB being a "city" is a joke. Our water service is provided by a California company. There is no police. Many of the roads are dirt. However, since we're a "city" government will expand.

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