In respective emergency meetings held Wednesday morning, July 29, the Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) City Commission and Village of Williamsburg Board of Trustees each gathered to approve resolutions declaring formal disasters in both communities. 

Heavy monsoon rainstorms that slowly trained through the region Sunday evening, July 26, unleashed a deluge of water, mud and debris, which primarily spilled out of nearby arroyos through residential areas in western T-or-C and Williamsburg, toward the Rio Grande channel.

Quickly rising waters force the evacuation of at least one residence and delivered significant damage throughout both communities. As the storm raged, costs for necessary for clean up and repairs rose along with the water levels, and left municipal officials to begin an extensive assessment process. 

During the City of T-or-C’s July 29 emergency meeting, city manager Morris Madrid said initial estimates had already pushed the city’s costs well into the “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” and anticipated the final tally would likely exceed a half-million dollars. 

With the COVID-19 health emergency already pressing municipal budgets, T-or-C and Williamsburg officials will be looking to available state and federal assistance programs to help offset the now necessary cleanup and repair expenses. The respective resolutions approved on Wednesday are a required first step, which will allow both communities to seek aid from established state and federal assistance programs.   

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