New Mexico State Police have arrested a Sierra County Sheriff’s deputy after that officer’s supervisor saw a drug pipe on the center console of the deputy’s patrol unit.

According to charges filed against Grant Taylor, 37, of Williamsburg, Taylor was visiting next to the patrol unit with Sgt. Apodaca when the sergeant saw a pipe on the center console through the window. Sgt. Apodaca asked Taylor about the pipe and he initially said someone must have put it in his car; however, he later admitted that the pipe was his.

The sheriff’s department leadership made the call to phone in New Mexico State Police and take the lead. It was then NMSP Officers arrived at the Sheriff’s Department and spoke to Sgt. Apodaca, as well as with Deputy Taylor. Taylor declined an opportunity to speak with the officers about the incident.

Meanwhile, SCSD Lt. Josh Baker gave state police consent to search Deputy Taylor’s unit. Officers located the glass pipe in question, with white residue inside, and two clear plastic bags with a crystal rock substance inside in the sunglass holder. Another bag with white residue was found inside the cup holder and a fourth in the trunk of the patrol car inside a black box with a spoon that also had residue on it.

Taylor was then taken into custody and transported to the Sierra County Detention Facility where he was booked on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. His immediate release was ordered by Magistrate Judge who allowed him to be released own his own recognizance.

According to Sheriff Glenn Hamilton, Taylor has officially resigned his position with the sheriff’s department. He now awaits a court date in Magistrate Court.

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