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Joint Powers Commission (JPC) members for Sierra Vista Hospital gathered for a regular annual meeting Thursday afternoon, July 29. As with fellow governing bodies throughout the area, a primary task after the beginning of each new fiscal year cycle on July 1, is to address a series of required resolutions to assure accordance with state and federal regulations. 

In this regard, the afternoon’s meeting included unanimous approval of resolutions confirming the commission’s compliance with regulations pertaining to the non-discrimination between English and Spanish, the open meetings act, and public records requests. 

Also addressed annually at this time of the year is the election of commission officers. In attending to this concern, current chair, Elephant Butte mayor pro-tem Kim Skinner noted her term with the city would be up for election this coming November and suggested commissioners consider nominating another member for the chairman’s post. 

With this noted, Sierra County Commission Chairman James Paxon entered a nomination for county commission vice-chair Travis Day to serve as chairman for the JPC. The nomination was quickly seconded and subsequently approved by a unanimous vote. Having rendered their decision, Skinner passed the gavel to Day, who went on to preside over the remainder of the July 29 session.

Moving forward on the agenda, Day then focused attention on the selection of a vice-chair. Skinner entered a nomination for Williamsburg mayor Deb Stubblefield, which was also swiftly seconded and unanimously supported by the commission. 

After postponing the appointment of a recording secretary, commissioners addressed the aforementioned annual resolutions, and then received a financial report for the month of June from Chief Financial Officer Ming Huang. 

The CFO went on to provide commissioners with a fourth quarter report and review of final budget revisions for the now-closed 2020/2021 fiscal year cycle, before moving on to a review of the current 2021/2022 fiscal year budget. Board members unanimously approved respective resolutions for each individual report.

All told, Huang indicated SVH continues to realize positive revenue trends in day-to-day operations, while also maintaining healthy cash reserves.

The commission moved on to receive standard reports and among items discussed was the previous day’s placement of Chief Executive Officer Eric Stokes on administrative leave. Governing board chairman Greg D’Amour acknowledged this action and told commissioners facility’s management team was in place and moving forward in overseeing hospital operations.

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