Among several action items aimed at bolstering Sierra County’s fire departments and emergency preparedness, Sierra County Commissioners also approved a new logo for all county emergency services during their October 19 regular meeting. Emergency Services Administrator Ryan Williams said he felt the new logo would help to unite and more easily identify Sierra County’s first responders. He said the logo would be utilized alongside existing county and department titles or logos, and reflects a practice now common among other municipalities.

In addition, commissioners also approved the purchase of two new trucks for the Arrey-Derry and Poverty Creek Volunteer Fire Departments, and endorsed the transfer of  high-pressure suppression equipment to the Poverty Creek VFD as well.

•Commissioners unanimously approved two resolutions, which finalized funding for a planned renovation of the “Bridge of Grace” near Monticello. County manager Charlene Webb said the agreements would secure both an NMDOT grant and required county match, providing the approximate $900,000 required for the initiative.

•In other action, commission members endorsed a contract renewal with present county attorneys Nance, Pato & Stout, LLC, and approved an agreement for the sheriffs department to continue participating in the federal Operation Stonegarden support program. Board members further supported the appointment of Roger Pattinson to serve as county representative to the Sierra County Tourism and Recreation Advisory Board, and okayed internal policy revisions concerning pets and travel per diem. 

•While no action was taken, several department reports highlighted ongoing concerns with continuing high number of inmates being managed through the detention center and in the required monitoring and management of individuals released under pre-trial conditions. In his regular report, Sierra County Sheriff Glen Hamilton outlined several ongoing initiatives, which are aimed at encouraging state authorities to better address inmate management and to accept more fiscal responsibility for associated concerns.

Speaking to the issue, commission chairman James Paxon suggested efforts should soon be directed towards organizing a meeting of concerned officials to more fully examine ways that Sierra County and other municipalities may better address the seemingly ever-growing problem.

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