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 The Round 3 Innoventure theme was to design a multipurpose mobile storage product that integrates safe food and/or water storage.

The Chinchillas beat 30 other teams from all over the state with their three-way water bottle that has multiple detachable compartments and comes in three different sizes.

Innoventure teams have to create a product and produce a YouTube video explaining their product, cost, marketing, and benefits. Product shouldn’t be something you can already buy, and must be a new and innovative product, not a kit or collection of other products.

The Innoventure competition is different from years past because they have four rounds. Each round they pitch their products to the judges via YouTube. Teams have to win one of the four rounds before being allowed to compete in the final competition at NMSU.

During the final competition they will have to put all of their Innoventure skills to work in a fast-paced one-day event. Where as last year they had six months to prepare, this year each round is three to four weeks long.

Team Chinchillas will advance to the final competition at NMSU onMarch 6. We have five other teams still trying to make that final competition, with the fourth and final round due February 6.For this round teams have to invent a portable tool/device for hygiene/first aid.


Following is what the previous rounds were about and what each team made at the end of the competition. I will take a picture of each group with their favorite product and more explanation of those products

*Round Three Theme:

When people are on the move outdoors, it is important that they are able to store things, from food and supplies to personal items. Design some type of multipurpose mobile storage product that integrates safe food or water storage.

•Chinchillas-3 way Water Bottle

•No Tears No Fears-A Draggin Wagon

•Iron Tigers-Survival Hat

•Tigers Save the Turtles-The pack

•Dynamic Developers-SHC Storing heating & cooling

•Disco Llamas-Jacket pack

Round Two Theme:

Multipurpose item of clothing–something that serves a useful purpose beyond just as a covering.

•Chinchillas-Puff Belt

•No Tears No Fears-Solar Smart Hat

•Iron Tigers-Ultimate Underwear

•Tigers Save the Turtles-Multi Shirt

•Dynamic Developers-Hat N Glass

•Disco Llamas-Smart Hoodie

Round One Theme:

Design a tool or device that can be used for outdoor survival or personal safety outdoors.

•Chinchillas-Survival boot

•No Tears No Fears-Multi pick ax

•Iron Tigers-Condensation device

•Tigers Save the Turtles-Mechanical Arm

•Dynamic Developers-All weather Sweater

•Disco Llamas-Portable trash pack

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