We have seen more Tiger athletes out there, working hard to be ready for when their chosen sports open up. From cross-country to volleyball, from football and soccer to basketball and golf, Tiger athletes are out, individually or in small groups, or even as teams putting in the work. Some, like volleyball and cross-country, are starting preseason, workouts under their coach’s instruction. Others are heading out on their own, or with a couple friends or sometimes more, devising their own routines, or simply running or otherwise working up a sweat.

In the off-season, before their official practice season begins, coaches are allowed seven and a half hours a week to work with their teams, Monday through Friday. Currently they are further restricted from running contact drills, scrimmages or competitions and must do all work in pods of five athletes to one coach, and all must wear face masks at all times.

With the first Tiger volleyball matches coming in one month, we can see a JV matchup on the road at Mesilla Valley on October 10. This will be followed by a home stand, with the Tigers’ varsity and JV hosting Magdalena in the Den October 13. Tiger cross-country heads over to a meet at Silver High School October 10 also. Things are starting up.

While we are awaiting the finalized schedules for fall sports, which this year are volleyball, cross-country and golf, which has a fall and a spring component to their season, it looks like sports will still be happening. What isn’t known yet is whether spectators will be allowed, and if so, how many.

We’ve seen a good core of the boys’ basketball team out playing some street ball on their own and working on their moves, shooting, dribbling and getting some good workouts in. Same with a few other athletes from football, soccer and even golf.

Tiger football is gearing up to begin their “summer” strength and conditioning program on September 28. Normally this begins in June, but this year, you have to just buckle up and take off on the training when and as soon as you can, fitting the timing of it to match up when your competitive season is. The football season for the. 2020-21 school year is set to begin late in February.

The New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) is working to have a competitive power lifting event take place in October. It will be done virtually, with athletes working in their own separate school’s facilities. It’s seen as a way to get our high school athletes involved and build excitement and positive attitudes about being in shape for athletics of all sports. We should have more details about that next week.

•The NMAA is meeting Friday, September 11 to discuss the way forward for student music programs, specifically, band and choir. Both these are NMAA sanctioned student activities and ones that we have here. The Tiger band and the choir have been on the resurgence. Both these groups have student musicians and song stylists who are anxious to get back to work.

•We’re hearing rumblings of another new Team of Tigers getting ready to leap onto the scene here in Tiger Town. There’s some pretty serious talk about getting a Tiger’s tennis team, something that has already been given NMAA approval. This is an exciting development, one sure to attract some student-athletes to pick up rackets and get out on the courts. Watch this space for details on this.

For all Tiger athletes, if you have not already done so, get in touch with your coach. The work is beginning. Make sure that YOU are doing your part in building Tiger Pride and to Restore the Roar!

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