On Jan. 12, 2021, the Sierra County NMSU Extension Agent and Program Director, Sara Marta, released the virtual version of the Sierra County 4-H Awards Banquet for all 4-H members to view. The banquet was supposed to be held Jan. 8 in person at the Sierra County Fairgrounds. But because of the New Mexico public health order and current restrictions for large gatherings we were not able to do it in person as usual.

The banquet is usually held at the end of every year to recognize and acknowledge our youth and community leaders. Thankfully, we have a great bunch of Sierra County 4-H leaders to help us “make lemonade with lemons,” as Sara Marta said.

The 2020 Virtual Sierra County 4-H Awards Banquet was recorded in the Extension Office and edited together to make one YouTube video. The video is provided so it can be shared with all of our 4-H members and their families. In the virtual video, the 2020 4-H County Council Officers were recognized and thanked for their year of volunteer work.

Buddy Neeley-Council President

McKenzie Luna-Council Vice President

Kimberly Molsbee-Council Secretary

Tara Neeley-Council Treasurer

Samuel Harris-Council Reporter

Shane Neeley-Council Son and Recreation Leader

We also introduced and inducted the new 2021 4-H County Council Officers;

Kimberly Molsbee-Council President

McKenzie Luna-Council Vice President

Shayly Cummings-Council Secretary

Cole Boone-Council Treasurer

Kaden Whetten-Council Reporter

Lee Justice-Council Song and Recreation Leader

We recognized a few community members in the video as well. They received an award called the “Friends of 4-H” award. 4-H is proud to have great volunteers that help our organization be successful. This year we recognized Ernie Armijo and Mike Hearn for helping keep the Sierra County Fairgrounds in great condition. We also recognized Sarah Garrett for her countless hours preparing for activities and programs involving in-depth crafting. Thank you all again, for volunteering your time and money to the clubs and community.

This year we were able to provide incentives to those record books that stand out in terms of organization and financial accountability. These awards and recognition were called the “Top Hand Record Book Awards”. The overall Top Hand Record Book Achievement awards with the highest scores in their respective project areas are;

Novice: Lee Justice

Junior: Elaina Mays

Senior: McKenzie Luna

Another big thank you to Bank of the Southwest, Edwards Jones Investments and Farm Bureau Financial Services for investing in the awards and completion pins for the participants and winners.

Although the awards banquet was put together virtually, we have high hopes that the 2021 banquet will be able to be held in person. It’s really important to be able to highlight and give recognition to the Sierra County 4-H youth and its awesome community leaders.

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